ODM Filter Driers

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Harmonised Commodity Code: 7412.10.0000

Part NumberSize (inch)Desiccant (Cubic Inches)Dimension A (mm)Dimension B (mm)Dimension C (mm)Box QuantityMin Order Quantity
38210606001113/8 Liquid Line Bi-Directional16220.09.7117.1130
38310606001113/8 Liquid Line8201.99.799.1130
38310808001113/8 Liquid Line16225.09.7121.9130
39210606001111/2 Liquid Line16227.112.7121.9130
39310606001113/8 Liquid Line Bi-Directional8199.99.797.0130
Part NumberConnections Inlet/OutletFlow Capacity Ton @ 1psi P (For kw Multiply Ton By 3.5)Water Capacity Drops of Water
R134aR22 & R410AR407CR404A & R50775°F125°F75°F125°F75°F125°F75°F125°F75°F125°F
38210606001113/8″ ODM5.426.06.04.0265245250225205165170130275260
38310606001113/8″ ODM6.
38310808001111/2″ ODM8.
39210606001113/8″ ODM4.
39310606001113/8″ ODM4.


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