About RLS

Safer Working

RLS Press Fittings eliminate the need for open flames in HVAC workspaces, thereby creating a safer working environment without fire hazards. This means that hot work permits, fire spotters, and fire-related safety equipment are no longer necessary. The absence of brazing also eliminates the need for nitrogen purging of new lines and transporting gas and brazing equipment to job sites.

Time and cost savings

As the use of flammable refrigerants continues to rise in the HVAC and refrigeration sectors, the safety provided by flame-free RLS Press Fittings becomes increasingly crucial. Furthermore, transitioning from brazing to RLS Press Fittings can result in significant time and cost savings, greatly enhancing productivity. The elimination of the brazing process allows for installations to be completed up to 60% faster.

The one to trust

With over 15 million RLS fittings installed worldwide and more than 8 years of successful field usage, RLS stands as the sole line of press-to-connect fittings proven to withstand the rigors of high-pressure HVAC/R applications.

RLS LLC is a subsidiary of Marmon Holdings, Inc., a company under the Berkshire Hathaway umbrella. Marmon is a global industrial conglomerate comprising 11 groups and over 100 independent businesses, boasting an annual revenue of $10 billion.

Fast delivery

Rapid Locking System Europe (RLSE) has been established to cater to the European HVAC market, the UK, Gulf countries, and nearby Asian regions by maintaining stocks in the UK. This strategic positioning enables swift deliveries, as it eliminates the reliance on airfreight for expedited shipments. Orders from Europe can be fulfilled promptly using established European freight services by road and overnight parcel services like DHL.

RLSE maintains a dedicated stock to meet the specific needs of European HVAC customers. Additionally, RLSE is well-versed in European, UK, Asian and African freight shipping and documentation requirements, ensuring extremely rapid responses when needed. We also have the full support of our parent company in the USA for technical and laboratory services, should they be required.

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RLSE has an ever growing network of distributors throughout Europe, to find the most suitable distributor for you click below.

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