Slip Couplings

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Harmonised Commodity Code: 7412.10.0000

Part NumberSize (inch)Dimension A (mm)Dimension B (mm)Dimension C (mm)Dimension D (mm)Box QuantityMin Order QuantityCarbon Weight
30210404001111/46.68.611.450.8101001.0 kg
30210505001115/ kg
30210606001113/89.811.815.052.1101001.6 kg
30210808001111/ kg
30211010001115/816.118.722.669.9101004.3 kg
30211212001113/419.322.427.269.910402.5 kg
30211414001117/822.525.830.269.610403.2 kg
30211818001111-1/828.832.636.870.410404.8 kg
30212222001111-3/835.239.044.580.012244.1 kg


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