BIG 5 Saudi


We are thrilled to announce that we are set to showcase our groundbreaking press-to-connect fittings at the prestigious BIG 5 Saudi Construct Exhibition in February 2024. As the pioneer behind the world’s first press-to-connect fittings for the HVAC and refrigeration industries, we plan to revolutionise the sector.

Our flame-free RLS Press Fittings redefine workplace safety by eliminating the need for an open flame, hot work permits, and fire-related safety equipment. In an era where safety is paramount, our fittings provide a secure and efficient alternative, particularly as the use of flammable refrigerants in HVAC and refrigeration continues to rise.

Speed and efficiency are at the core of our technology. With the ability to make a permanent and reliable mechanical connection in just 10 seconds, our press fittings significantly reduce installation time and costs. By eliminating the brazing step, installation speeds increase by up to 60%, offering unparalleled time savings for professionals in the construction industry.

Visit stand 4C13 at the BIG 5 Saudi Construct 2024 to witness first hand the transformative power of Rapid Locking Systems. Experience the speed, safety, and innovation that our flame-free press fittings bring to the HVAC and refrigeration industries. Join us in shaping the future of secure and efficient construction solutions. Contact us to learn more.




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